Desert Disco & Outlaw House

Two country-disco mescaleros pioneering the great electronic wilderness.

With their boots firmly planted in dusty seventies sunsets, their pan-USA productions take cosmic country funk to modern dancefloors via NYC disco and baggy acid house.

Think the first summer of love meeting the second – Crosby, Stills and Nash at the Haçienda, The Doors at Shoom, The Orb at Woodstock.

They’ve done their thing at Glastonbury, Pikes Ibiza and tons of other top spots.

Press kit
Press kit


★★ 2024 ★★

Secret Garden Party –– UK –– Jul 26
Bad Ideas stage takeover with James Alexander Bright

Glastonbury Festival –– UK –– Jun 28–29

Wild Wood Festival –– UK –– Jun 23

Two Step Inn –– Austin Texas –– Apr 21

Phish Riviera Maya –– Mexico –– Feb 23-24

Marina Fountain –– UK –– Jan 1